This is What Our New & Exciting Project is All About

Hi, my name is Vern and I am the CEO & sole owner of West Coast Dreams Inc. that has been producing the West Coast Cobra for 28 years now. We are known world wide and come up as one the top ten on major search engines. I have also been a photographer for 37 years but only did photo shoots for my company or myself until recently. I take an average of 2,000 pics per month and I'm not an amateur but this is too big a project for me to be the only photographer. It will take a team effort to make this project as exciting and rewarding for all of us as I intended it to be.

This is the site where you will find all the updates on future events so you might want to add it to your favorites.

Las Vegas Aug 27, 28 & 29th - 12 models

Two 4hr shoots per day for 3 days with 2 models per shoot

Thousand Oaks CA - Aug 31, Sept 1 & 2nd

One 4 hour shoot Friday Aug 31, two four hour shoots on Sept 1 and 2nd

This event is finished and it went very well. We have over 7000 pics to go through and we pick out the ones we are using, edit them and post them.

Check out some of our NEW WEST COAST DREAM GIRLS

We will be back in Vegas on Oct 1-3 for the National Lingerie Convention

This event is now finished as well but we did managed to have two of our Dream Girls hired by exhibitors as spokesmodels at the show & photo shoots after.

More events under way and as soon as locations & dates are finalized it will be posted here.

Contact or 519-736-7274


What is this all about? Let's start with the basic concept first.

You Models Wearing the Lingerie we Sell with the Cars we Produce.

I started this lingerie site some time ago and we called it After we attending the big Lingerie shows in Vegas last two years, I came up with the idea of mixing our cars we produce with the Lingerie we sell. It would be simple to have the model(s) wear Lingerie when doing a photo shoot of our cars. We already have the photo studio large enough to bring several cars in at a time, all the professional equipment necessary and the top of the line digital cameras along with the top of the line photo editing software. We already had all the necessary tools, so why not use it for both? We are going to be using the full car pics for the Cobra site and the cropped (model featured) section of the pics for our Lingerie site. Exotic cars & beautiful women have always gone together.

We have taken thousands of pics over the years of our cars but only a handful recently taken are with models wearing the Lingerie we are marketing. There will end up being hundreds of different outfits to photograph each year and we don't want to use the same model in every picture. We need a variety of different models to give us the different hair colors/ lengths, light & dark complexions and even different body shapes for all the different categories of outfits we are handling.

If we are pleased with the results of your first photo shoot, you will be called upon again to do more shoots later as well as being invited to attend events we are participating in with all our cross promotions going on.

We have now also become a model referral site as well and will have a separate web page for each of our Dream Girls. Customers can then shop with you on our wcdreams site, see your bio / profile and your contact information for booking your services.

All our Dream Girls will also have the choice of us submitting their profile information & carefully selected pics to every modeling agency, every magazine or contest that we are aware of. There are so many of them you could be on but it takes your absolute best and edited pics to stand a chance. Remember this, even if you don't win, you still get promoted very heavily by just being in the contest.

If necessary,comp cards and portfolios can be made up here for you here in the office and in color too.

All of this is not new to us. We have been doing cross promotions for our Cobra business for many years. Let's use this knowledge and the contacts we already have to promote our Dream Girls which will in turn be promoting back to us.

Pay / Benefits we are offering will be based on your talent & contribution to this project.

We're also looking for more Photographers & make up artists.



Events Already Determined:

Las Vegas Aug 27, 28 & 29th - 12 models needed

Two 4hr shoots per day for 3 days with 2 models per shoot

Thousand Oaks CA - Aug 31, Sept 1 & 2nd - 10 models needed

One 4 hour shoot Friday Aug 31, two four hour shoots on Sept 1 and 2nd

Contact or 519-736-7274


New Areas in the planning stage for shoots:

Colorado, Michigan, Atlanta Georgia, Toronto Ontario Canada, Vancouver Canada, Alberta Canada, Arizona, Cleveland & Akron Ohio, Dallas & Houston Texas, Orlando & Miami Florida, Oregon and more to come as soon as we get the first two completed.

Look forward to working with you in one or more of these locations.

Now let's get into some of the details of this project but it's complicated.

I was lucky to be able to merge with several Lingerie Manufacturers for cross promotion. Their outfits with our cars. What is cross promotion? Basically is similar to what we do on myspace. You refer people to my site and I'll refer people to your site. But I have taken that even further by having several sites that I am going to have all linked together along with all the Lingerie sites we are going to be a part of.

These pics are going to be provided to the manufacturers to use in their catalogs & web sites. They distribute them to all their wholesale customers for both on line & Retail stores as well.

Regarding the Lingerie modeling. Every year the Lingerie companies come out with new designs to either add to their line or replace some of the existing slow movers. Most Lingerie companies have to bring out a new catalog at least once a year as well as update their own web site and provide their distributors use of their pics. That means there is an ongoing need to do more photo shoots. Some Lingerie companies will also be sending us samples of their new products to be photographed for their new catalogs & updating their web sites.

Part of the deal I made is that if you're in their catalog or web site they will invite you to model at the different Lingerie shows they attend across the county before hiring anyone else. Main ones are in Vegas & Houston. Most manufactures have 2-6 models at these 3 day shows and they are a lot of fun.

This project means that our West Coast Cobras and you are going to be promoted as West Coast Dream Girls throughout 100's of Lingerie sites, our own on-line Lingerie Site,and You being chosen as one of our West Coast Dream Girls also means you are going to be promoted over thousands of different web sites, thousands of myspace profiles, calendars, magazines, advertising campaigns and more as we are just starting.

Our photo shoots will be taking place in several different cities across the country over the next several years. Vegas, La & Florida have already been chosen so far and more locations will follow. Vegas will be the most fun because Voyager Classic Car Rentals (a new company) is now one of my dealers. I just got word that they are close to finishing their new 40,000 sq ft building and will opening up this month (July) with the grand opening approx. a month later. This will be where we do the indoor shoots any time we are in Vegas. Vintage will also be doing their own extensive advertising campaigns year round. FYI: They already have two of our cars they will be renting for $500 per day.


What started all this anyway?

resolution 219 x 183 and this is as
big as they gave me to work with.

We have been purchasing Lingerie, Clubwear, Dancerwear & Shoes etc from fairly large and reputable companies and they provided us with the ready to use pics of their product line to use on our web site. Here is just an example of some of the suppliers interpretation of a full resolution pic that I am suppose to be able to use on my full 800 x 600 screen zoom web pages.

In order to handle / sell their products on line, we had to take our own pics.

One the other hand, Magic Silk provided me the best pics that anyone could ask for and had the best looking catalog in the business. They even had famous Playmate Mandy Lynn model for their 2007 catalog. Here is an example of what they provided me and I had to reduce it down from the 4130 x 3000 they provided to a 400 x 291 you see here. If you want to see the 800 x 582 version that we normally use as ZOOM pics on our web site, just click on Mandy.

Here is where we come in again. I'm in negotiations with Magic Silk on helping them work on their web site in exchange for their products?


<--- Click on Mandy


Is this for you? Can you handle being famous along with us?

Do you want to be a West Coast Dream Girl?


Your pics we are shooting for the manufacturers are going to be in several Lingerie sites as well as their catalogs. The manufacturers supply these pics to all their wholesale customers to use for advertising in local & national publications.

You will be listed in our own Shop with our Dream Girls Section and several other web sites including myspace with links back to your own site(s).

Contests: We will also be having our own local & national contests at a later time. Your already familiar with several different ones that you get your friends to vote for you.

Calendars: We have our own for the Cars & Lingerie however, there will be new calendars produced by us on a regular basis and we are even considering producing calendars featuring only one model but in different outfits. Any of these special edition calendars will also be available to the model(s) who appears in them, to market themselves. Personally autographed calendars sell for a lot more. Dupont Paint that sponsors NASCAR #24 Jeff Gordon has already indicated that they want to do a photo shoot in Toronto with us in their new 2008 calendar.

I have also been in negotiations with two on-line gambling sites to have all you West Coast Dreams Girls shown on their site and their visitors being able to vote on you. The winner each week will get from them......... and the winner each month will get.............. and the West Coast Dream Girl of the year will get............

Hundreds of my existing West Coast Cobra customers are large company owners who do trade shows (for example the SEMA show in Vegas) and national advertising in many major magazines. Don't forget all the trade shows that our parts suppliers for our Cobra's constantly invite us to be a part of, at their expense. They are there when I need them.

There is more to talk about later, now is too soon and I'm sure you've all had empty promises before. After these first two shoots are done, you can go by the results and the feedback from anyone participating.

Events Already Determined:

Our first photo shoot will be 3 or 4 days in Vegas the last week in Aug.

for the Grand Opening of Vintage Car Rentals

and immediately following we will be in Thousand Oaks CA for two or three more days.

The exact dates have not yet been determined but we'll be letting you and all my favorite friends know as soon as I do. The rental agency plans to be open in July.

New Areas in the planning stage for shoots:

Colorado, Michigan, Georgia, Ontario Canada, Vancouver Canada, Alberta Canada, Arizona, Cleveland & Akron Ohio, Dallas & Houston Texas, Orlando & Miami Florida, Oregon and more to come.

Look forward to working with you in one or more of these locations.

Are you the model we are looking for?

You have to take into consideration that one of our biggest goals is to have the sexiest looking pics we can do but with all the class in the world. We are not going to be happy with a straight face look with the Lingerie or dancerwear, we want that seductive look with a slight smile that radiates that you are enjoying being seductive. With costumes it will require different expressions relevant to the theme of the outfit. In most cases it will be looking like your having fun.

Special message for newcomers: We are offering you this opportunity to be involved even if it's just for the day. If you have the right attitude and the right look, we may even choose you to become one of the two models every year we will be taking under our wing to make famous.

1. Pro / Experienced Models that know what they are doing without a lot of coaching. Work quickly and take some of the pressure off the photographer not having to guide you every step of the way. Honest happy smile is also looked for.

2. Models who have already started in the business but want to make a bigger name for themselves. You would have to be willing to work a little harder but the benefits would be more than rewarding for you, especially with all the publicity.

3. Girls who want to get into modeling or just starting. Now let me be right up front with you. There is always going to be spots left open at most of our photo shoots for you to at least try and be part of our team. It still requires us choosing you to be invited. The worst that could happen if you were invited and it didn't work out, is that you will end up with some professional photos for yourself that would normally cost you quite a bit and you could keep them as a great memory of the time you spent with us.

4. We also handle and promote Queen size Lingerie so it will also require bigger models. Don't be shy, we need you too.

5. We also handle Fetish Ware so if you are able to handle that job? This one is fun just to see yourself in these.

No one expects you to be modeling all the different lines we carry but someone has to somewhere along the line.

We are also going to be having our own Make-up Artist / Hairdresser on site when we do the big photo shoots to save you the trouble and give us the look we want.

So, this message is for Make-up Artists....we need you too.


We only have up until the last week in July to make a final decision of which of you will be invited / hired to either of these first two events so let us know asap if you're interested in participating in either of these two as well as future ones.

We will require an average of six models at a time, both pros & those of you who want to add to your portfolio as well as newcomers. Reason: a lot of outfits come in different colors so we also plan on having all them in one pic. It also requires you to make several outfit changes and we can take pics faster than you can change just like in a runway show. Pay / Benefits we are offering will be based on your talent & contribution to this project.

FYI: I have only been on my space for 6 weeks and have over 3000 !!!!! of you GREAT FRIENDS being beautiful women helping me with this project. Thank you.

We're also looking for more Photographers & make up artists.

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